Saturday, February 25, 2012

FPGA meets ARDUINO meets C64

I always wanted to make my own Joystick - so I decided to connect an Arduino UNO together with a JoyStick Shield to the FPGA64. I know, not really my OWN Joystick, but at least I can program it the way I like (e.g. configure one Button for "UP" for Jump'n'Runs, RapidFire, WiggleMode for Decatlon .....)

Further I added one more Bit to the Video-Output, so now we have 9 Bits (3 Bit for each color). Much closer to the real thing than before!


  1. Hello, I just found out about your project...

    Can you upload a video to YT with a showcase of what has been done?

    and I found this today:
    (Reverse Engineering the MOS 6502 CPU [27C3])
    if it could be helpful.

  2. Hi Gego, sorry I did not see the comment :)

    You can check some videos on Youtube:

    I will add some new soon.